Wednesday, February 26, 2014

You Dont Understand . . . and thats OK

Heck we don't understand either! And frankly we are happy you don't, we wouldn't wish Infertility on our worst enemy. That being said,I think we could all do ourselves a favor and accept that unless you are in my shoes, you just don't understand. 

But just because you don't understand first hand what we are going through or know how to "deal" with someone facing infertility your support and sensitivity can mean the world to us. A kind word, a hug, a note of encouragement can brighten the darkest day. The only way to begin to understand is to ask questions and seek advice and information. .  . and usually the person you're trying to help will not be the one to go to for these answers. We are simply trying to hold ourselves together and some times we want to be an advocate and educate you on our mental, emotional and medical state and some times. . . we don't.
Thankfully there are so many resources that should you really want to help us I encourage you to read up on. Here are a few of my favorites that might help you better understand

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