Tuesday, June 3, 2014

16 Weeks

I was determined to document a pregnancy if I were ever to be so blessed and here we are 4 months in and I've done nothing. The first trimester is a blur of naps & fear that this pregnancy was too good to be true. It took a while to fully embrace it and level my mental state to a place where I can fully enjoy pregnancy after TTC. But here we are better late than never!

How Far Along
16 Weeks

Weight Gain:
4 Lbs

Energy Level:
Still searching for this 2nd trimester energy people speak of. I could sleep ALL.DAY.LONG!

No drop everything feed me cravings yet but I do LOVE me some sherbet

New Baby Items:
So blessed to receive gifts from friends & Family near & far.
1st gift from my fabulous boss.(<3 you Amy)
3 IG TTC sisters sent lovely things (thanks Ashley, Vicki & Vanessa!)
Ryan's College room mate sent some cute clothes (thanks Chris & Maura)
My sweet Cousin sent an out fit (thanks Kickin!)

Mental Status:
Finally accepting the fact that I am indeed pregnant, its still sinking in. My current stress is picking a name. I know we have time but I fear not being able to agree on one or picking one we will regret.