Monday, July 25, 2011

A Chance to give back!

This is Ever - My Coasta Rician son - A child we sponser through World Vision.

How cute is he? When I searched through the pictures of kids up for sponsorship his eyes called out to me and I melted. *sigh*  He totally stole my heart!By sponsering him through World Vision the Hubby and I are helping provide him with clean water, food, and an education while at the same time supporting a dear friend.

I've know this great gal for over 6 years - we've seen a lot together and supported each other in every way. She is an inspiration to me. As long as I have known her she has been running.Not only does she run for health and fitness she also runs marathons for causes. Right now she is running with Word Vision in the ING race. For more details please check out her blog here  for more info and consider sponsoring a child yourself!

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