Monday, May 7, 2012

Menu Monday

Hard to believe its Monday again and time to link up with Orgjunkie! I was off yesterday and got a grocery shopping trip worked into my day and was able to really feel prepared for the week ahead. Sticking to a budget has been easier than expected. Last night I spent $50 for the week. I know I know - how much do I think it takes to feed 2 people but really it can add up fast. Also when you shop at random you spend more and always end up heading back to the store for that forgotten ingredient or what ever is missing to complete the entire meal. Here's what I bought and what our menu looks like this week.

Monday - Chicken ($5) I marinated it with left over marinade from last weeks pork chops. I had a can or corn and a package of yellow rice in the cupboard.

Tuesday - Pasta ($2). I have a jar of vodka sauce in the cupboard. I'm adding in Ham ($5) and frozen peas ($2)

Wednesday - Turkey meat loaf- ground turkey ($5) paired with boxed scalloped potatoes from the cupboard.

Thursday will be a late night at work so the Hub's will be on his own or eating left overs.

Friday - I'll be headed out with the girls for a friends bachelorette party! Cant wait to dance the night away and celebrate this exciting time!

No exactly the most healthy or freshest meals but they will fill the belly and maintain our calorie conscious diet. As you can see we have lots of food in the cupboards which is funny because when I don't meal plan I open them up and think that "we don't have anything for dinner!" turns out there was food there all along!

What do you have in your cupboard? Bet with a little planning you could put the stuff in there to use and create a simple yet delicious and cost friendly meal or two.

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