Saturday, June 23, 2012


I know I have been back and forth on this whole blog. Diligent and constant for a while, then a vanishing act followed by an apology and a promise to return. Its been a back and forth battle. I've done some blogging  that I just haven't published  and will work on getting those out to my limited readers.

There's been an inner turmoil that I've voiced before, not having direction and purpose for my little site here. It is hard since I had a goal in mind when I created this but as life moved me beyond the kitchen I feel like there is so much more to write about.

I finally sat decided that I needed a revamp. New name, New template, New direction. While trying to come up with some thing clever and catchy like so many of the blogs I stalk read I decided to go back to what I know.

Here is the back story:

My love introduced me to this wonderful band while we were dating. I fell in love with their music while falling in love with my man.There was a song that captured my feelings while experiencing the greatest LOVE I never knew possible. When we started planning our wedding I knew I wanted to walk down the isle to some thing that had special meaning and this song just kept playing in my head and I KNEW it was THE song.

Listen while you read

I'm so glad I didn't run when it looked like love - especially because it looked like love from the very beginning and to be honest it scared me a little but in the midst of fear there was a peace that I knew I'd regret not seeing where this would lead. BEST decision of my LIFE!

Falling in Love opened my eyes to a new level of LOVE, the beauty, depth and vastness of it all. I now see LOVE all around me, its so much more than chocolates, flowers, diamonds and wedding dresses. While love is waiting to be found it is something you have to choose to see. Its a daily choice that you make.

So while I take the advice of all my blogging friends, I'll write about life - no limits, no organized topics.

Welcome to my life!

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