Sunday, July 15, 2012

Operation Home Make Over: Kitchen

Being that we are knee deep in a bathroom make over, I thought I'd look back on how far we have come in our kitchen and remember the hard work it took and the time spent to get it just the way I had pictured it in my head.

*This was my inspiration 

* Here is our before 

* add counters, and then a back splash

*Add appliances and VOILA!
My Kitchen is complete!

This is our main view of the kitchen, We also have a little bar, I made a chalk board and painted come corner shelves.


All that is missing from being 100% complete is a microwave cart. Let me tell you we have searched High and LOW and I cant settle unless I am in love so the search goes on!


  1. That is a STUNNING transformation! Congrats! Do you wanna share the price tag on it? I'd love to know... because i'm nosey and because i'm probably gonna be tackling some diy's soon enough!

  2. Thanks Nicole & congrats on the new HOME! Total Make over cost about $5,000 over 7 months.
    Here are the estimate

    $2,000 Granite Counters
    $2,200 Dish washer, fridge & Stove
    $75 Paint & Corner shelves
    $150 Back Splash & Supplies
    $80 Bar stools

    I wish I kept better track of our spending so our bathroom make over will have a more accurate grand total!

    Our goal is to pay cash for all home improvements so it took a while to get everything we wanted, its so easy to forget what you started with and how far you've come!

  3. WOW Amie that's BEAUTIFUL! I'll need to pick your brain if we ever buy a house!