Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Where My Money Go's: Health & Beauty

Today as I checked out at Target paying $94 for 5 items I had an "ahhhh Haaa" Moment - So this is where my money goes!

this was what I got
$22 - Zyrtec (remember those days of $10 co-pays?)
$12 - Face moisturizer (remember those days pre wrinkles and age spots?)
$8 Mascara
$32 Ms. Jessie Curl cream (Remember those days of $1.99 gel worked?)
$16 Ms Jessie Conditioner (remember those days when suave was all you needed?)

 As I've gotten older I've learned that some things may be cheap but if you settle you wont be happy and will eventually regret the money saved. Thou the bargain hunter, cheap frugal gal in me cringes when I admit to $32 hair products but when you find what works you cant wont settle. These products will last me 4-6 weeks. (Mascara and moisturizer should last longer than that).  It breaks down to $15 a week so I guess its not that bad but still hurts!

What are your go to products? How do you cut corners and bargain hunt? Where's your $ go?

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