Wednesday, January 26, 2011

My Persian Prince

I didn't even make it through the first month of 2011 and I already missed a week of cooking & Blogging! We'll I suppose it can be expected - it was my Birthday after all (my 26 . . . for the 3rd time). In addition to that it was absolutely the craziest week at work - easily trumping black Friday and Christmas. It included inventory AND a corporate Visit. So I was a bit sleep deprived but thankfully able to recharge with a wonderful extended weekend off with my fantastical Husband - but sadly did not make one home made meal at all last week. Thankfully things are now calmed down and should stay that way for the next few months. This week to make up for last I asked the Mr. to pick out this weeks recipe. When he picked salad-e Olivieh (his FAVorite)I was a little daunted.


But now as I here absolutely stuffed, I admit, I am quite proud of myself. Going to the Mr.'s parents and eating so many delicious Persian dishes really made me want to be able to duplicate them for Him at home. He has introduced me to Middle Eastern restaurants throughout the Orlando area and its turned out to be some of my favorite food. Every thing is so different than the Italian food I grew up with and that I could make with my eyes closed so the thought of trying to master a new ethnic food was not some thing I thought would be easy. Turns out (thanks to my Mother-In-Law's detailed recipes) it is do-able! I remember having salad-e Oliveh on my first trip to Ohio and loved it. I thought in my head I could make a cheaters version (ie canned chicken etc), but never tried. I remember my MIL telling me it took all the pots in the kitchen but was totally worth it as the boys loved it. Well it totally would have taken all the pots in my kitchen had I had them! Looking at my pots and pans this morning I realized I have 2 mini pots, 3 Super large pot and 1 yes ONE every day pot, That being said I cooked the eggs, potatoes and chicken one at a time in the same pot. This began at 11am and lasted until well after 1. The one good thing being the super easy clean up because there was only one pan to wash. ;) Once every thing was cooked I grated it all and assembled the rest of the ingredients and had a moment of panic : "who is going to eat ALL of this?" it made so much! I sent out a quick text and Facebook post and had some friends over to share and sent some home with them as well!

I served it with Pita bread and some chips (because I need some "crunch" at dinner) Mr says its usually a dish that is kept in the refrigerator, ready when some one wants a snack. Its ideal for lunch or a light dinner. Its now my #1 go to option for this years summer cook outs or Pot luck but I'll have to invest in one of those carrying cases with the cool packs to keep it cold. One other option I am considering is half-ing the recipe to make it closer to a 2 person serving size.

I must admit, I love nothing more than hearing my cooking tastes just like his Moms from my Persian Prince :)

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