Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Momma Mia

This week I chose a family fav from my side and probably the most requested dinner of my childhood. I'm pretty sure 3 of us 5 kids requested this as our birthday dinner each year in addition of family friends who would request it.

Growing up we alway had home cooked meals, my mom was pretty much suzie home maker. What can I say other than shes amazing. There are so many recipes that she knew by heart. She was big on family dinners together at the table with everyone and anyone. She passed that on to me - a love of family dinners, people you love and care about gathered together away from tv and other distractions focused on food and each other. I love to set a table with the anticipation of the laughter and conversation that will take place once everyone is seated and dinner is on the table. I don't think she knows how many friends she would allow to stay for dinner and what an impact it had on those who didn't have the parental support and traditions she gave us, Thats why friends loved to stay for dinner not just the food but the environment she created. I could go on and on but suffice to say I learned everything I know about cooking and baking from her. She was never afraid to experiment and tried everything at least once, many memories took place in the kitchen!

I've made her Chicken Pot Pie many many times. its super easy and very forgiving. I've cut the recipe in half to make it a better portion when I was single and it was a success. Tonight I used Cream of Mushroom in place of  Cream of Celery because the MR. loves himself some mushrooms. Its a crowd pleaser, very tasty and super easy! I guarantee - once you make it no other pie crust chicken pot pie will satisfy!

Being that this is such an easy recipe there are a few variations I'd like to make - watching the food network, Gilda made individual pot pies and I'd like to attempt that but I don't have the mini dishes so i'll have to invest in them first. I'd also like to mix up the veggies and add in carrots and pea etc. Give it a try - take it, love it and change it!

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