Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My Valentine

Valentines day - well when you're married to some one who treats with with love and respect and daily proves his love for you every day feels like Valentines but . . . I had the weekend off so we took some time to celebrate our love a little more than we do on an everyday level.

Saturday we went down to visit my parents, my mom had to work until 5 so we went to a state park and enjoyed the sun shine, fresh air and sentry with a nice long bike ride. Then went back to my parents, took a nap, celebrated my birthday (whoo hoo for a Keurig - thanks Mom&Dad), went out for a nice dinner and a walk around down town. A lovely evening with my amazing parents!

We drove home that night and had a nice slow lazy Sunday morning complete with heart shaped pancakes! Ran some errands made the sauce for the lasagna ( i used ground beef but used turkey last time - cant really tell the difference), went to church and then our for Hibachi which is our Valentine traditions. This year we went to Benihana - it was good but I vote Kobe as my #1 fav thus far.

Monday we both worked but I put the sauce in the crock pot and let it cook all day - so when I got home the house smelled aaa-mazing! and was surprised with Candy and a most beautiful heartfelt card that may have caused me to tear up a little.  I made up the rest of the lasagna set up the table and was all ready for a candle lit dinner with my Valentine when he got home from work - sometimes(most of the time) home made valentines and a night in beat all the fuss and fancy of commercial valentines.

All this to say I had an amazing Valentines but it had nothing to do with the date but everything to do with the Man!

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