Thursday, March 3, 2011

Mission Complete

Another rough recipe! Being that I haven't had these cookies in over 10 years as my Grandma passed in 2005 and went into a nursing home in 2001 - this was hard to get my memory to match my cookie but . . . It was successful being that it was my first time making it - with time I know I will be able to perfect them.

First of all they took a big chunk of time! I started at 8pm and didn't finish until 11 and thats just the baking! I made a few phone calls to my Dad to verify the recipe  when things didn't make sense. For starters I invested in Crisco after the "Gobs Fiasco" but when I melted it like the recipes said, it looked like vegetable oil - hummm maybe I did this wrong so I called my Dad and he said I did it right. Then 9 cups of Flour sounded a little hefty so I called to make sure that was the correct amount and turns out it is and thats not including all the flour you use to get them onto the cookie sheet! I also had to do some goggling to see how much a Whiskey glass is because I don't just have those lying around, Turns out 3 TBS.

There began my rough start. Once everything was assembled I then had to figure out how to "kneed" the dough that was so sticky that I  would have needed massive amounts of flour to form it into a solid mass - which I chose not to do afraid that they would taste like a lump of flour. So I left the sticky mess and just floured my hands "pinched" out some dough and made balls, dropped them onto the wax paper covered cookie sheet and baked for 20 mins. Now I am used to 5-8 min cookie baking. 20 minutes with 6 sets of  cookie sheets = time consuming!

Once they were all baked I made my recipe for butter icing as the recipe says to use, but I had the same issue I had with the Gobs where the ingredients wouldn't blend so it looked separated and chunky not smooth like icing, I cant adequately describe it but trust me it was no good. I then just went to my dads suggestion of Confectionery Sugar, vanilla and milk and that looked right but I had used all my sugar on the disaster icing and was stuck with 5 dozen un iced cookies.

Tonight I was able to make it to the store to get more sugar and viola the cookies are done, 3 days later but they are done, they are pretty, they are tasty and they remind me of the Grandma - MISSION COMPLETE!

P.S 3 hours of baking later my husband come in and says "wait, what are these called? My Grandma makes them! = two family recipes in one!

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  1. Nice! You got a Tufer!
    Ummm, your blog makes me want to go visit right NOW! I hope you have some of these goodies planned for when we come visit? (hmmm?)