Tuesday, March 29, 2011

What Had Happened Was . . .

My "lil Sister" came for a visit!

Day trips were taken to Sea Wold (where we fed dolphins) and Sarasota to go to the aquarium and see my parents.

and now 

These two sisters are coming to visit and they are bringing with them 
"little Nugget"

Needless to say cooking had taken a back seat! No family recipes have been made in 2 weeks and honestly are not in the works until after the sisters leave but I have gotten better with Meal Planning and making sure my husband had a hot home made dinner as often as possible! Baked Ziti tonight and Crock Pot Ham & Potatoes tomorrow. Dinner with friends Thursday and then "Sisters Extravaganza" will begin!
*now that all my "little sisters" have been to visit I NEED a Big sister visit!*

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  1. well, I miss seeing all the delicious food you're making... even though I don't cook, I still like to drool at your things! So get back at it, Lady!