Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Holidays

I've alway been the 100% fanatic Holiday lover but since moving to Florida in 2008 that took a drastict change of direction - Holidays now = Tears. lonlenss and an  dose of depression. I have my ups and I have my downs, moments when I cant  forget my family is so spread out and so far away and moments where I am truely caught up with the Joy of the season. I dont want to  go into much more detail as I am trying my best to make today and "up" day. I just want to tell you about 2 things, despite it all, I am thankful for this year.

1. Family - althought we are spread out and rarely get the change to all be together in one place at one time the fact that I have them and they are mine are a blessing that cant be taken away. The memories we've made stay with us forever. We've enjoyed so many holidays together and when you stop to think of those who have no family to share the holidays with your ability to complain is no longer there. I'd give anything to go back to Bay View Terrace and enjoy a family dinner before heading through the back yard for dessert with Aunt Dee and our extended family but those days are long gone and while I miss them I'm blessed for the memory.

2. Friends - Friends who step in when family is not there. Florida is the best when it comes to friends. I've met some amazing people since moving here and we've created some holiday traditions of our own that help lessen the sting of missing Family. While I was dredding spending Thanksgiving alone I asked a few friend if they'd like to do a dinner. Well today is the day, the turkey is prepped, dessert is baking and all that's left is to cook it up and eat it up! Today we celbrate a day early all the things we are thankful for. <3 Angie, Lindsay, Jam & Kevin!

Hope you all have an amazing holiday season!

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