Friday, April 27, 2012

All great things must come to an end

First of all don't laugh!

We all watch TV and have had a show that we connected with in a way we cant describe.
Example - Friends, there was tons of hoopla when it ended. Personally for me  there have been shows I watched usually via boxed sets in a marathon weekend were the entire number of seasons was crammed in to a short period of time that included lots of food, no sleep, no shower and never changing out of pajamas.

But there is one show I grew with over time. Faithfully watching each week and connecting with in a way I never intended. I know I am a few weeks late but today I finally sat down and watched the tribute and finale of One Tree Hill.

The show began when I was 20 and at home after taking a year off of college. It then saw me thru 2 years of college, 2 years living with my parents (a 3 month stint of living in Rochester) and then 4 years here in Florida. While there have been those marathon weekends to recap seasons passed in the company of great friends and sisters, I've also watched it week to week, as it became an ingrained part of my weekly routine.

They started Team's. Team Brooke & Team Payton were the first (at least as I like to remember it)! Then it went to Laguna beach Team Kristin & Team Lauren (Small world: Steven from Laguna became Chase on OTH) way before Team Edward and Team Jacob!

Here is one reason I love the show

I wont do into depth as to the who what and when of the show because if you watched it you know and if you didn't then my words would not do it justice. So Ill leave you with a compilation video of my favorite song that I used to listen to over and over again

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  1. Aw! I was so sad when Friends ended...and Friday Night Lights! Good post!