Monday, June 25, 2012

If you give a Wife a week alone

I had all intentions to try and write a post similar to "if you give a mouse a cookie" but when push comes to shove my week just has not turned out that cute.

The hubs left last monday for a 10 business trip - this after a weekend of semi-flooding in our guest room. Let me give you a run down of my week.

Monday -
 work and a happy hour pedi with a bestie and the start of a crash diet

Day 2 of crash diet which failed at 8pm that night

Roofers come to fix tear on roof thought to be causing the semi flooding followed by a near fatal spill in the grocery store parking resulting in a chipped pedi among other wounds!

Woke up to water coming from the wall - Roofers. . . FAIL (notice the missing dry wall where the hubs investigated the mysterious leak)
Friday -
 Friend comes and finds source of leak - Busted hose in the dish washer . . . sweet
No hot water in the kitchen - total veg day culminating with dinner and a GG marathon with friends

Debbie HITS, bringing slugs, wind, rain and the loudest frog outside my window that had me convinced for hours he was in the house with me!

Monday -
 Dishes are piling up due to no hot water in the kitchen

 and the bathroom sink? Too small to function as a kitchen sink! 

So the dishes sit, The house is a mess  . . . . 
And I'm convinced I'M FALLING APART with out my MAN.

**Thankfully he comes home TOMORROW!**
Hope I can survive these final hours!
Wish me luck!

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