Sunday, September 16, 2012

Monthly Meal Planning

The last few months have been hard to meal plan for due to lots of travel for the Misters work. Its hard to cook for 1 and I tend to gravitate to frozen food, no bueno I know but it is what it is.

In addition to planning meals I am also looking to grocery shop more strategically. This month I went to Costco and bought chicken and ground turkey, which are our two main meats that we typically use. 4 packages of ground turkey for $17 and 6 2 packs of Chicken for $21

The hubs is back and will be here until the beginning of October when we both head out of town for work followed by a wedding, Anniversary get away and a trip to my parents to see a sisters whos coming to town. Here is whats on our menu starting with our dinner tonight

Breakfast - Baked Egg Muffins (made ahead of time for the entire week)
Sunday = Chicken with Rice & Corn
Monday = Turkey& Stove top Meatloaf with green beans
Tuesday = Church Small group
Wednesday = Ravioli
Thursday = Dinner with Friends - its TRIVIA NIGHT
Friday = Hubs is on his own since I work late
Saturday = Weekend BABY - NO COOKING!

Sunday = Pizza, Wings & Football
Monday  = Another late night at work
Tuesday = Ravioli
Wednesday = Cheese Burger Pie
Thursday = Yet another late night
Friday = Chicken Pot Pie
Saturday = Weekend - No Cooking
Sunday = TBD

Well there you have it - Whats on your menu this week?

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