Sunday, April 10, 2011

and Im Back

Ok sorry for the hiatus - as previously stated it was been a crazy few weeks to say the least! And what blows my mind even more is the craziness that lies ahead! 

As stated before my little Sister aka Fo Show came down to visit then it was back to work until my two other Little Sisters came along with one husband and my baby niece. We spent the weekend together in Orlando and drove them to Sarasota where they would spend the week with my parents. I then I worked M-F and spent this past weekend in Sarasota at my parents. Off they flew to NY early this morning while we went to Universal to take advantage the tickets the Mr scored from his job. Here are a few pictures to show how much fun we had.

That there is My Lilly- I must say that being an Aunt is by far the best thing ever! I cant believe how much I love my Justin, Makayla and Lilly!


 While is Sarasota we went to a Zoo where I held a Parrot and fed Flamingo - and of course got our Tan on!

Today we were Orlando tourist - Spending a few hours at Islands of Adventure - fun times in Toon Town and found a friend on the Caro-Seuss-el and finally made our way to Harry Potter, which I admit was pretty cool. I'm not a fan neither seeing the movies or reading the books but I did like the little village and loved the castle we walked through to get onto the ride. Fun times!
Here's a sneak peak at what we've got lined up in the next few weeks

Next Saturday will be our 6 Month Wedding anniversary! Best 6 months of my life - I cant believe how fast its gone and how blessed I am! So far the plan is Dinner that night and a Beach day on Sunday!

Then it will be the annual Faraji Florida Easter Extravaganza! We have dinner plans to go to this A-mazing Turkish place and hopefully make time to go to get some great Iranian food as well (yumm I love good food!) We will also spend time soaking up the sun at the resort where we held our wedding - LOVE!
Super sad that Chris and Laura wont be here this year but excited that by August I'll get another SISTER!

As if all that is not mind blowing enough my man is taking me on a European Cruise! Ahhhhh Barcelona, Rome, Venice just to drop a few places that we will see! I don't think I've fully processed this but we got books and are reading all about these amazing places! AHHHH 

LIFE IS (too) GOOD (to me)!

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  1. Yes, Life IS too good to you! I'm so happy your'e having a fantastic 1st year of marriage. So many people say it's the "hardest year", but you guys are taking it by the horns! You guys are too cute and I'm a little (ok a lot) jealous about all of your excursions!