Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Meal Planning Monday.. .errr Tuesday?


Ok this was officially one of the easiest recipes ever! Pretty tasty too! Cant beat those two! Made it out of work my 5:30 home by 6 and dinner on the table by 7 - not to shabby!

I've been working really hard to do weekly dinner planning and its turning out to be quite a success! Being that the Mr and I work different schedules and I am usually not home 2 nights a week (minimum) it can be a challenge.

right now the goal is a home cooked meal Monday through Thursday and only eat out on the weekends. A few factors brought this plan to life. Mainly we were spending WAY too much $$$$ eating out and letting food at home go to waste before we came around to eating it resulting in not so fun weekly refrigerator cleaning. :( Another is that we are really trying to eat more healthy and count calories. I know that restaurants have come along way by offering healthy options and listing calories but we tend to over indulge when we eat out and too many of those dinners add to too many pounds on the scale! Time is another factor - by eating out our days were becoming ridiculously long and it felt like we were NEVER home together! My earliest day out of work is 4pm and then I have a minimum 30 minute commute without rush hour traffic, so factor that in and I'm looking at closer to an hour, other days I work until 7pm and that means after a sit down dinner out we don't get home until almost 9. I'd much rather come home cook and relax in our own space than add another 2 hours or so away from home to my day.

 All this to tell that now  I usually grocery shop on Mondays and buy based on my weekly menu (which I post on the frige as a reminder and makes it harder to cheat!) I do admit that my definition of "home cooked"  very basic -  I consider any meal cooked at home - home cooked :) One short cut I take is Birds Eye Viola dinners - they are pretty healthy and the veggies tastes really fresh. I usually make these and Tupperware them up for dinners on the nights I close or as a lunch option if we don't have left overs. We also have a great group of friends that we rotate hosting weekly dinners with. This takes the weight off my shoulders one night a week as we each host about once a month.

Here is this weeks menu

Lunch - Me- Frozen Pizza M -lunch out with Co-workers
Dinner Viola Garlic Chicken

Lunch Me & Mr - Vila Chicken and Penne
Dinner - Cheesy Chicken Enchilada & Spanish Rice

Lunch - Left Over Enchilada
Dinner - Crock Pot Potato Soup ( which is currently simmering away making my house smell delish)

Thursday -
Lunch - Left over soup or enchilada
Dinner (my turn to host)- Spicy hot dogs & Mashed Potatoes

Friday -
Lunch - Left Overs
Dinner - Happy hour with one of My BFF's

So there is my plan for the week and I'll be able to check off two Family recipes - (which is great as I've fallen a little behind!)

What about you my wonderful blog stalkers? Any menu planning advice or tips? What works for you? I'd love to hear some feed back as to whats taking place in your kitchen! Until next time . . . Happy meal planning.

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