Sunday, May 1, 2011

Easter Food Fest

Just because I haven't been cooking does not mean I haven't been eating! I've been eating well. Wish I had take more pictures but it seems I was so busy stuffing my face that I neglected my blogg.

Just to prove it  here are are few of my favorite's from the last few weeks

With my wonderful Second set of parents ( I dont like the name "in-laws" theres too much negative assocated with the term  and I love them too much so until I come up with one better this is what I'll use) came the following

Gram's potica *sigh* there just arent words, you need to taste and experience this goodness to understand (sorry no pictures because theres none left - it didn't last long!)

 The first night here we went to "Bosphorus" a Turkish restaurant here in Orlando - lavish bread is A-to the-Mazing. Hummus, buba ganoush, grape leaves, Lamb chicken and beef .  . . *sigh* Oh So Good!

 Easter brought us to Sarasota - where my parents joined us for dinner. Originally we had planned to go to the place we held our wedding reception but when we called to make reservations they answered the phone with a new name and when we asked they told us new people had bought it and changed the name! So sad! Instead we went to another place we considered holding our wedding which has the most amazing pina colada bread *sigh* Oh So Good!

While in Sarasota we went to "Columbia" a restaurant we went to in St Augistine during my Bday weekend. Arroz Con Pollo - which takes 45 mins to make but is so worth the wait - the flavor is Oh So Good!

 We also made a Pizza run once back in Orlando at our Fav Pizza place - and brought Ari along!

Last but certianly not least we made our anual trip to Ali Baba - Iranian buffet which is all you can eat and is once again say it with me Oh So Good! I love that I can try all the dishes and go back for MORE!

Needless to say I am not looking forward to weighing my self tomorrow morning and counting caleries again - Im on a two week diet before the next food fest begins!

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  1. Girl, you LOVE food! LOL! Glad you're having a great time and stuffing your face! Please take lots of pics while on your vacation AND blog it! I'll be living vicariously through you!