Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day

I know I know  . . . you're waiting for more Cruise recaps but I'm going to go back to food for a moment.

I love food, I love food with friends and food with family - food with friends who become like family is triple-riffic! So thats what this weekend was. We had people over Friday night for Taco Salad Friday and then we did a cook out tonight for memorial Day. Its sad to say but this is one thing the Florida could learn from a northern state, how to celebrate summer holidays! Maybe because its so hot out or maybe because most people don't have immediate family around but holidays are lost here. When I think back to Memorial Day, Labor Day and 4th of July they remind me of the out doors and cook outs and relaxing but here these days seem to come and go with no fan fair at all. We refuse to let that happen in our house and tirelessly try to bring our traditions here . . one day they will stick! So we filled our stomaches remembering those who have fought for our freedom. Those who have searve along with those serving as we eat! With out their service, dedication and sacrifice we would not be where we are today enjoying life as we know it! So say a prayer for them, find a way to thank them and have a bite on their behalf!

Being that we would have people over I took the opportunity to start the birthday celebration for the Hubs. Balloons and cake made an appearance. So began the Birthday Bonanza . . . to be continued tomorrow!

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