Thursday, June 2, 2011

Pisa Italy

Looking at our Cruise itinerary we prioritized each place and the different sights we HAD to see, the ones we’d like to see if we had time and the price was right and those that held no real draw. When traveling I prefer to see “life”, building and sights are nice but I’d much rather be immersed in the culture and see how the locals live day to day. There were many times I said “I wish someone would invite us over for coffee or lunch” but sadly no strangers read my English mind and we stuck to restaurants. Although I love the locals there were some sights that I knew we had to see, one of them being the Leaning Tower of Pisa. (aka The leaning Tower of cheeza)

Our port was Livorno but Pisa was about 30 mins way, I HATE getting lost and not know my way around so we opted for a cruise excursion so that we could get there and get back without a headache, getting stressed or worst LOST! We took a short bus ride to the Arno River hopped on a boat and headed toward Pisa. The ride was nice because we got to see the Tuscan landscape which is beautiful.

Once we got to Pisa we boarded a trolley that took us to the leaning tower. First we went into a little restaurant where they gave us snacks.  There were so many people crammed into a little space and I felt like a child on a school field trip, I even managed to walk into a glass door when I returned from the bathroom . . . nice, very nice! That got a laugh out of our group; I was so claustrophobic it didn’t even faze me.

We were finally free to go and explore for an hour which was a little rushed but there honestly wasn’t much to do. The leaning tower is in a square with a few other unique buildings and street venders with TONS of memorabilia, but the place was crawling with tourists, reminding me of time square, so many people with eyes to the sky and the click of cameras. While the tower is open to climb, we only did the exterior of all the buildings we saw because #1. $$ adds up quick just to go into places #2 When time is limited the last thing you want to do is WAIT on line.  We took loads of pictures. While standing next to the leaning tower a nice lady offered to take a picture of us . . . I was a little confused when she pointed the camera down and clicked away.

I kind of expected to see some of the leaning tower in the back ground but I guess I shouldn’t complain, she offered to take a picture of US not US and THE TOWER.

We also came across a Scottish (I think) couple who were trying to take pictures of themselves “holding up the tower.” We were doing the same and when it was the wife’s turn to play photographer the husband got really irritated with her lack of direction “you mean to tell me that I stood next to the tower and put my hand up and the placement is perfect? Tell me where to move! See how they are doing it” (referring to us) Let me tell you with that accent it didn’t even sound like yelling it defiantly sounded more comical. I felt for the poor lady and Ryan ended up taking the guys picture. Then they took one for us WITH the tower! 

Pisa was amazing but its also a one time place. Once you've been theres not much reason to go back. It was quite cool to see places and buildings that you only see in glossy text book or post card pictures. It seemed so real at the moment but even looking back at the pictures it hard to believe we were there. I almost feel like some of the pictures look like we were photo shopped in! Fun times in Pisa but now I can saw "been there, seen that"

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  1. I think it is so cool that you were able to follow your dreams:) Mom