Monday, August 22, 2011

Menu Monday

This was my first time doing meal planning for 2 weeks and I think I like it. Here we are starting week 2 and I don't need to grocery shop or stress about what to make. All I had to do was adjust the meals to my work schedule so that dinner would be ready before 10 o'clock at night.

I saved the meals with ingredients would last the longest for this week to alleviate the need to run to the store. I am at a loss as to the most realistic, fresh and price conscience place to shop. I was going to our local grocery store, Publix, which I love they usually have a fantastically fresh produce selection but Walmart still is the best place to buy non perishables and paper products. I hate having to make 2 stops. I have been thinking of trading off and shopping each once a month - maintaining my bi-weekly trips. I would also like to frequent our local farmer market but my work schedule makes this a tad hard, We have a local Co-Op that I'd like to try and my BFF has a butcher she goes to for quality meat and great prices. In a perfect world I'd buy on of those vacuum sealers and shop the butcher and Walmart once a month and make weekly trips to the farmers market, but I am still at the trial and error stage of nailing down a routine that works for me. I'm open to suggestions and hearing about how you divi up your shopping.

Now on to the menu - here's what I have in store for the week.

Monday - Kielbasa Pasta - (well that's what I named it tonight) Its a meal I grew up on but we just called it Kielbasa  which is fine if it is the only form you eat it but should I find another dish with this ingredient it'd be hard to differentiate. All you do is saute carrot slices, kielbasa slices and an onion. Boil egg noodles and drain. Mix the two and volia a great smelling home and a flavorful dish on the table.

Tuesday - Taco Tuesday for the hubs and work for me, I'll take left overs.

Wednesday - Meat Loaf, Mashed Potatoes and Corn

Thursday - Aunt Lori's Chicken Tortilla Soup - Stay tuned as this is my family recipe for the week.

Friday - Lasagna & Garlic bread ( unfortunately I work 11-8 so Stouffers will be hosting this meal but its a good sub when there no time to make it from scratch)

Saturday the MR will be taking me out on a good by dinner as he's leaving to do more traveling for work.

Sunday will see me alone with the Pup but I have a wedding shower to go to for a co-worker and I going through my Dips and Desert recipes to try and work in a 2nd recipe for the week.

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