Sunday, September 25, 2011

Apple Heaven

There is nothing like fall in New York. The crisp air. The smells of leaves, harvest and chimneys. *Sigh* I can close my eyes and the memories of my childhood come rushing back in an instant. This is my favorite time of year . . .well this and Christmas.  While I firmly believe moving to Florida was the best decision ever there are about 10 days a year that I miss the good 'ol North East.

The Mr spent a few days in my old neck of the woods last week and when he called and asked what I wanted him to bring me back, I practically yelled APPLES! NEW YORK APPLES! For some reason you just cant find quality apples down here. I come from the land of pick your own and the stands on the side of the road sell apples and corn not peanuts and gator jerky! Needless to say he went to the wonderful Wegmans and picked me up apples and by apples I mean a TON OF APPLES!

Due to the crazy of life I finally put all those apples to good use after sitting in the fridge for 4 days. Here we are 2 apple pies and an apple crisp later and I am sure to get my apple craving fulfilled.

The apple pie is my own recipe. I eye ball the ingredients and am convinced that I have yet to make the same pie twice or else I'd post the recipe. Being from a family of 7, when we went apple picking there were a lot of apples and a lot of baking. I always made the pie and others made crisp, sauce, or another apple based dessert. I always got complements on my pie but then I married the Hubs whose Grandma created and perfected the art of Apple Pie. While mine comes no where close to her Delicious plate of goodness it makes for a tasty treat morning noon or night. ( * side-note* Oh and don't you love the fall table setting? I've become quite obsessed with table cloths, place settings and napkins! The flowers are courtesy of my wonderful Love in celebration of our 11 months of marriage . . . wow can you believe we are only three weeks away from the 1 year mark! - Well that will be a post all its own!)

Anyhoo back to apples . . . Being that my only responsibility was the Pie with out a mother or sister close by I had to expand my baking horizon and find an additional use for so many apples. I am a fan of and tried this recipe. I enjoyed it with a nice cup of tea, only thing missing is Family but I guess we all cant have our pie and eat it too huh?

Stay tuned  . . . tomorrow brings BIG NEW BLOG!

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