Monday, September 26, 2011

Home is where your Story Starts!

Well its official, we've joined the club . .  .the Home Owners Club that is! At of 1pm this afternoon when all the papers were signed and the keys were placed in our hands we jumped into a new chapter of life.

We have been looking at places for a while. Nothing too serious but just to keep our options open and see what was out there. Then in the beginning of the summer we saw a few homes we liked but all our offers were denied. And then we found our perfect storm. There were a few open town homes in the community we live in now and we took a look at most of them. None of them were worth the cost considering all the work needed. I'm talking trashed and smelling like animals! Then we looked at the end unit that was never listed in the MLS and thought it was an upgrade defiantly (more 80's than 60's & 70's like the one we currently rent.) We kept looking at more and more homes but nothing lined up with what we were looking for. We thought about the end unit and asked out agent to show us again and found they had dropped the price. We made an offer and after a little negation we got it for what we wanted! Voila our Perfect Storm as the hubby likes to say!

Now on to the good stuff - the To DO list! We've got quite the list going. Ill be sure to do a before and after post. But for now its time for BED! We got the keys this afternoon and already we've got blinds up and i cleaned the kitchen and 2 bathrooms - I've earned some quality REM!

Applications are now being accepted for anyone interested in being out first out of town guest!

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