Friday, August 3, 2012

A Common Occurance

I work in the customer service field. Due to this I actually have a high tolerance for lack of customer service. I know the go on's in the field. Under staffed, Over worked, Rude customers, Out dated computer systems, the list goes on. So much goes into good customer service and lets face it not every one is set up for success. That being said I still have "is this really happening to me?!?!" moments. In my case they usually happen at food establishments.

here are a few examples

Ice Cream Parlor
While on vacation in OH with the Hub's he took me to his favorite Ice cream place. I ordered a waffle cone with soft serve ice cream. The girl working a summer job informed me that the soft serve does not come in a waffle cone. Excuse me? You have waffle cones and you have soft serve ice cream how can they NOT go together?
Girl,:you can only get soft serve in the sugar cone.
Me: I dont understand
Girl: Do you want the soft serve in the sugar cone?
Me: No I want it in the waffle cone
Girl: I cant do that
Me: Why?!?!?!
Girl: I dont have that as an option to ring it up
Me: OK so ring me some thing else and just give me the waffle cone with soft servce I'll pay what ever
Girl: Cant do that
Me: I dont under stand
We wek back and forth for a few minutes, me in a state of shock over what was happening and the girl refusing to giive me what I wanted.
I walked out with a soft serve sugar cone ice cream . . .  we wend back the next day and I ordered the waffel cone with soft serve and the guy gave it to me. NOW i was really confussed.

Sandwich Shop
I wanted a 3inch sandwich, I have ordered these before that the establishment near my job so when we were on a road trip and I ordered this the lady told me that I could only get that in a kids meal. I told her I just wanted half of the 6inch sandwich. I don't remember the details other than I was worked up and left with a kids meal but she didn't even give me a toy after an emotionally draining sandwich ordering ordeal.

Me: I'll have a coffee and the new egg bag with cream cheese and I have a coupon  for 99 cent bagal"
Man: Ok so you want a bagel with an egg.
Me: No I want the new egg bagel with cream cheese" (pointing to the bagels behind him that said "new egg bagel"
Man: So you want a basal with egg and cream cheese?
Me: Eww no. I just want the bagel with cream cheese
Man: OK (typing furiously for what seemed like forever)
Me: Are you typing a letter?
Man: No I'm trying to make the bagel and egg for 99 cents
Me: I don't want an egg on the bagel I just want the cream cheese
Manager came over and helped the poor man out. I was happy i got my order and it was correct! Holy cow was that a trying way to start the day!

Have you had any outrageous moments or am I the only one?

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