Monday, August 6, 2012

Where My Money Go's: PETS

Dog's are expensive! While nothing beats their first year of life their basic up keep and needs add up little by little - especially if you tend to spoil them!

Ill focus on their monthly needs excluding vet visits because lets face it that's a whole nother blog topic!

$10 X 2 Hills (1 Bag Puppy 1 Bag adult)
$99 X 2 Trifextus ( Flea & Tic)
$50x 2 Heart Guard

Those are the main chunk of change, then there are all the little costs like toys, poop bags, clothes, treats, dental bones etc!

I've now got a little princess on my hands and next month we add monthly visits to the groomer to the list at say $50 a visit although im sure we can push it to every two months - or at least every 6 weeks!

Oy vey I hear the cha ching every time I set foot into the pet smart!

In the end they are my babies and totally worth every penny!

What are your pet costs? How do you cut corners and stretch your $$'s?

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