Thursday, August 16, 2012

Operation Home Make Over: Main Bath

As stated in my previous post we have been working on our main bath for the last few weeks. So here is our bathroom before, bathroom inspiration (via Pinterest) and bathroom After.

I found this picture on pinterest and then followed the link to this blog attached and bam I had my inspiration 
This was our journey

This was our budget
$ 500 - Vanity from Home depot
$420 - Granite counter top from Professional flooring
$80 - Mirrors from Home Goods
$250 faucets & hardware from Home Depot
$50 Tub Resurface kit from Home Depot
$100 Paint & Wall repair
$70 Lights from Home depot
$100 misc decor 
Grand total $1,570

We now have my dream bathroom (well until I get a bigger space for my jet tub and chandelier . . . but those can wait for now)

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  1. LOOOVE the transformation... it's incredible! Please post this same thing for the kitchen too.. I'd love to see exactly what you did!