Thursday, October 27, 2011

Blog On Fire

I've been picked and linked by my fellow Blogger and real life friend Nicole over at Table for 4
She has given me my first Blog Award

Im supposed to tell you 7 random facts about myself and I admit, I've been thinking and cant really think of too many interseting facts so I created a draft and kept adding facts as they came to me - hopeing, wishing, praying for enought topics to entertain you.

I <3 Hot Fries -

Like truely, madly, deeply love them. They reach me on an emmotional level yet to be  surpassed. The hub's has even realized its the instant pick me up that can lift any mood, forgive any wrong doing and over all  "fix" any problem I face.

I fell into a career that I really love. I remember being away a college and telling a friend "I just don't want to go home and work in a mall" That's exactly where I landed and managed to work my way from a part time sales associate to an Associate Manager of a #1 store in a matter of 6 years. Although the stress level can get high and its not your typical childhood dream - deep down I really enjoy it! Aside from owning my own business or being a stay at home Mom there's nothing else I can see myself doing.

I got into the car March 1st 2008 and drove to Florida to see my BFF on an extended vacation. I bought clothes and that's all. 3 1/2 years later I'm married we're home owners in the land of Mickey Mouse. This is officially the longest vacation I've ever had!

I'm an avid fan of General Hospital.

Soaps . . . I know I know the  definition of trashy and the past time of bored house wives . . . *sigh* It just sucked me in after Jason's accident where he lost is memory and joined the mob and then there's Lucky and Elizabeth who I practically grew up with. I realize I am not your typical Luke and Laura generation fan but I'm a fan none the less and wish I could find my signed photo of Tyler Christopher that my sister got me when she met him . . . I'm in deep and if they ever think twice of canceling this show I will go into a deep mourning. Even though my sisters and I share our frustration over the stupid story lines its just some thing I cant give up!

I've been called a human jukebox.
I can hear a song once and be able to sing along. The lyric's . . .the melody . . .they just stick with me. This has created a need to sing loudly when every I hear a song. In the car or at home this is fine but then there's the DR's office or work or the mall or the movie theater. . . it tends to get out of hand! We watched brides maids the other night and then Welson Phillips came on the Screen and then the piano started and next thing I knew "I knows there's pain, why do we lock our selves up in these chains . . . " I couldn't help myself I had to sing the entire song with them!

I love to read! I attribute this to my mother who limited TV time and made trips the the library a weekly event.  I can thank my Dad for teaching me how to spell Library - that second R was always a killer! I can sit down with a book and have no concept of time 5 minutes or 5 hours or 5 days . . . all the same to me if I have a good book to read. Its to the point where I have to limit myself to a chapter a day because I cant afford the addiction! I used to visit the bargain book section of Boarders (RIP) and but any one that was $3.99 or less. Under $5 for weekly entertainment was ok buying a full price best seller at $15 or $20 for me to finish in under a day is just not practical nor financially smart. I broke down a few months back and bought myself a Kindle and its become my favorite ever! Love all the cheap and *gasp* FREE books!

I don't see myself as an adult, I'm pretty sure I'm still a teenager. I still think I'm 18 but it turns out i'm 28 and high school was 10 years ago! Its amazing! I watch 16 and pregnant and think I'm too young for kids then I do the math and realize if I had a kids at 16 I'd be walking around with a 12 year old . . hello not a kid in day care I'd have a kid in middle school. I mean really when will I feel like a grown up?

So there you have it - my 7 Facts that I had to rack my brain to provide!

Next I'm supposed to "tag" others and award them the Blog on Fire award but . . . I dont know too many bloggers or have very many follower (ahem I have 7 to be exact!) But here are the ones I read regularly and I guess its the test to see if any of them read mine! :)

Kristin - My inspiration and friend for over 7 years now!

Sarah - My old college-mate who I've gotten to know better thru face book and her blog

Anna - Another college friend who I'm glad to still be in touch with despite the distance

Krista - My friend who fell off the blog band wagon and This is my attempt to get her back on

Maureen - My cali  blog stalker who needs to keep up with her own blog.

Jacqui - My Camp partner in crime who has amazing excursions! 

Rachel - My friends older sister who started a Mom blog.

Ok So I'm a few shy of my required 10 but its the best I could do. Hope you enjoyed my randomness and cant wait to read yours!

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  1. YAY! I'm a soap-y too. But they cancelled AMC, and I'm bummed. That one was my fave. For whatever reason, I couldn't get into GH.
    thanks for playing along! Hope you keep the flame burning!