Saturday, October 29, 2011

Halloween Dinner

I wish I could remember where I found this recipe for pumpkin soup,  all I know is, with it I hit the JACK'O Lantern POT! I made it last year for friends and once the fall weather blew in those great friends began to ask when I was making it again. Silly me I had almost forgotten about it! Not to worry - I pulled out my recipe book and added ingredients to my grocery list.

Due to popular demand I made it today and doubled the recipe as I knew we all loved it and wanted to make sure we all left the table satisfied until next year! Its quite a work out! Between the cutting and the peeling of the pumpkin I worked up a sweat! It brought back great memories of pumpkin carving with my niece and nephew! I even baked the seeds to enjoy with the soup (although I'm not sure there will be much left after all my "snacking" :)

Thanks to my amazing MIL (who not only loves Halloween but also loves sending us packages) we've got some great decorations to make dinner quite an  event! Over the years she has supplied these great place settings. I got the spider bowls from Big Lots last year.

This year she gave us wine and glass ornaments - Such a cute idea.

We ended dinner with sugar cookie - putting to use the cookie cutters that arrived this year. I wish I could capture the smell of the soup combined with the great candle she sent because its absolutely heavenly!

I happened to have the day off and it happened to be a good night for everyone to come over and it happened to be the night that this came on TV -Coincidence? Who cares! All I know is that Great Friends, Great Family, and Great Food is a priceless combinations! So happy the Holiday Season is OFFICIALLY HERE!

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