Thursday, June 2, 2011

Livorno Italy

 Pisa was a half day trip so when we got back to the port it was about 2pm and we still had until 6:30 so we headed into Livorno. There was a shuttle bus to take us from the shop yard to the city and a guide there to answer questions before we left. I had of course done research and new that there was one place I had to see “Terrazza Mascagni” (Google it) The guide hadn’t mentioned it when she gave us a map and points of interest but her face lit up when I asked about it, telling me it was one of her favorite places to go and was so happy knew about it. She told us the bus to take and suggested we try her favorite gelato place across the street from the terrace and we were off.

The shuttle took us into Livorno and we boarded the #1 Bus, only were couldn’t figure our where to get off as there they stopped to allow people to get on and off but there were never any announcements or signs to tell us the name of the stop. There were a few bus workers riding the bus with us so I asked an older gentleman if we had missed it. Not knowing English me must have understood because he shook his head no. We continued to ride for a few more stop and Ryan because concerned we had missed it, I assured him that the gentleman knew where we were headed and would tell us where to get off. Sure enough a few stops later he motioned to me that this was our stop. We got off right next to a few restaurants and realized how hungry we were having not eaten lunch.  We looked at a few menus and picked a place and got some authentic pasta and caprese salad  . . . ummm ummm GOOD!

From there we walked a short distance to the terrace. It was AMAZING. The view of the sea along with the uniqueness of the terrace combined with the cool sea breeze  . . . it was just as I dreamed. We just walked and walked and took it all in snapping pictures as we went.


Then we headed across the street to try our first Italian Gelato. We found the place the guide had mentioned ordered and took a seat to enjoy. . .ahhh so good. I was immediately addicted.


We grabbed the bus back into the center of town and walked along taking in Italian life thankful to get away from the large groups of tourist.  

We wandered around for a while more then headed back to the shuttle, boarded the ship, took a nap, caught the sunset before enjoying our fantastic dinner group.

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  1. SSooooooo enjoying the blog, the pics---all of it!! Mom