Monday, June 27, 2011

Menu Monday

My attempt is to plan my meals each week but the last few have been so busy that I have not been successful. This week how ever Mr Fij and I have a normal week so i'll be back on track this week at least. I even have the weekend off and its a holiday weekend to boot! Here's whats planned.

Monday - Crock Pot Ribs w/ mashed potatoes (See recipe here - thanks to my little sister Nicole for the recipe!)

Tuesday - Chicken & Veggie Skewers on the grill w/ Salad (I just marinate Chicken cubes, green and yellow peppers, cherry tomatoes and zucchini - pop them on some skewers and throw on the grill - its a colorful summer meal that takes no time at all and gets you out of the kitchen)

I'll also be making Easy Summer Cake  for my Wednesday morning managers meeting at work - recepie thanks goes out to the Mr.'s Grandma.

Wednesday - Pasta & Garlic Bread ( My pasta sauce mood varies - some times I feel like scratch and some times grab the jar. This week will be browned sausage with jar sauce over pasta . .  .due to time i'll be cheating this week)

Thursday- Mr and I both work late so left overs

Friday - BFF B'day celebration @ Opa  (a fantastically fun Greek restaurant)

Saturday - Beach Day

Sunday - Red Hot and Boom 4th of July Celebrations.

A fun but busy weekend ahead! Check back for pictures and reviews of the Ribs and cake recipe.

Whats on your menu this week?

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