Sunday, June 12, 2011

Ohio Tradition

Mrs. "what size do I make these?"
Mr. "I don't know"
Mrs. "haven't you had these before?"
Mr. "I don't remember, they are an Ohio tradition?"

This from the man from Ohio? I thought he'd be a little more help but I was on my own. Were mine 3/4" im not too sure.

Here is another quickie made from stuff in my post vacation pantry.


But I admit I did have to break into Ari's peanut butter jar (yes Ari had his own food) To make it up to him I let him go to town on the Jars.

They were quick to make then popped them into fridge for a half hour while we watched the season finale of How I met your Mother.

Then went to work on the coating. I bought the chocolate from Michaels that I use for my chocolate molds and for chocolate covered Oreos. Due to my previous experience with this chocolate I didn't put them in the fridge because they would have turned a little white. I just let them harden at room temp then put them in Tupperware.

This is bad news for my current calorie counting but I'll have a few and then take them to work and they will be gone in no time at all!

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