Thursday, June 30, 2011

Dinner for two

This weeks menu was quite a success - it felt like we fell into a routine and things went so smoothly and we ate so well!

Sunday we went grocery shopping with my list in hand and this time I got EVERYTHING I needed. Which is quite a shock seeing as I usually forget at least 1 item and have to make a mad dash to the supermarket.

Sunday evening I had to go into work at 9pm and work until 9am Monday morning. Althought the night went relativly smoothly we encountered a small glitch around 7am that required me to do a little driving and delayed me getting home on time. Monday the plan was to have Mr. Fij grill the ribs before he left for work so I could throw them into the crock pot when I got home from work. Due to my work delema I didnt make it home until after 10am meaning he'd already left for work. I jumped in bed and the Mr. came home on lunch to grill for me  . . aweeee! I woke up a little after noon and dumped them in the crock pot with the beer. Let them cook for 2 hours added in the BBQ sauce and took another short nap. The house smelled amazing! The ribs turned out fantastic - litterally fell off the bone no joke! We weren't sold on the BBQ sauce I used but there's a great BBQ place around here called 4 Rivers and I think next time I'll pick up their sauce to see if it gives mt ribs more kick.

Tuesday was grill night! On Monday I cut up some chicken into cubes along with a green pepper, red pepper, and zucchini. I put all these into a zip lock bag with some cherry tomatoes and a bottle of Italian dressing. Let that marinate over night. When I finally got home (how is it that I leave for work before the MR and get home from work AFTER him? I'll never understand it!) I put these on skewers and had the MR grill them up for me while I made some rice and threw together a salad. Officially the most effortless dinner ever and so good there were NO left overs!


After dinnerni began the cake making for my Wednesday morning meeting at work. Threw togther the cake mix, baked and let it cool. Mixed up the pudding, milk and cream cheese topped the cake with that and then the pineapples and added the whip cream and viola a lovely dessert.
Its was a hit at work and at home! I admit I was a bit skeptical but in the end I am sold. Its easy and tastes amazing I'll defiantly make it again!

No More cooking for me this week!Thursday- Tonight we're both working late so i may pick up some fast food . . .shhhhh don't tell! Friday is my BFF's birthday (aka my maid of honor - I'm sure there's a better picture of us from the wedding but this was the best I have saved to my PC)

so I get to dress up whoo hooo and enjoy a great night with great friends - Greek food and dancing at Opa.
Saturday we have a little house hunting planned as well as Beach time and dinner with friends!Sunday we will take part in some 4th of July festivities with friends fingers crossed there will be a BBQ involved so that I can make a great dessert recipe with a little patriotic theme! To be honest among all the fun things that we have in store what Im looking forward to the most is Monday . . . when my nephew will be fly in from NY to spend the month with us and my parents . . we've got ALOT of fun things planned!

Stay tuned for more of our adventures!

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  1. It all sounds good---I need recipes:) And the last part made me cry----happy tears----I am so excited!!