Monday, November 11, 2013

Check up

June 28, 2012

Yesterday I had a DR appointment to make sure all is well in Baby Making Land.

She says we are still in the normal time frame and there's not need to freak out YET but next steps are blood work for me to make sure there are no abnormalities. She also gave a few tips and suggestions.

Here is some food for thought from


Here are some infertility statistics:infertility statistics
  • 1.1% have to use artificial insemination (ivf) or intra-uterine insemination
  • 3.8% of women have received ovulation drugs
  • 4.8% will have to have some sort of fertility testing
  • 5.5% will have to seek measures to help prevent miscarriage
  • 6.1% have to seek professional counseling about infertility
  • 11.8% of women will not only have trouble conceiving, but problems carrying a baby to term. This is known as impaired fecundity.

I'm trying to to stress and over analyze but its hard - I always took having a baby for granted and never once thought i'd have to work for it or that it wouldn't just happen when I wanted it.

Here we are months in. I know of a few friends and family who have suffered miscarriages and cant imagine the pain of that. Which is worse, your body refusing to make a baby or your body refusing the keep a baby? Both are 100% devastating and cause you to ask "WHY?"

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