Monday, November 11, 2013

The Never Ending Questions

Fill in the blank.

It all started senior year of High Shcool. The first question was asked. "Sooooo . . .  .what are your plans? College?"

Then it was "Soooooo . . . when are you going to find a guy and settle down?

 (as if these quality guys are just waiting around to be picked when ever and where ever)

You find a quality guy and it "Soooooo . . . .is he the one? When is he going to pop the question?"

He asks you say yes and then you hear "Sooooo . . . .whens the wedding?"

You set the date and asnwer questuion after questuion about every detail of the pending day. You have these lofty dreams that the questions will end and it will just be you and your prince charming living happily ever after.

But then the wedding day arrvies and I challange any bride to make it thru the day with out some one asking 

"Sooooo . . . .when can we expect a baby?"

Soooo . . . . .plans to expand the family?"

I've realized the questions are NEVER ENDING. they are usually asked in love and good intentions but they can be come unbearable and some times painful.

I remember those days when I wondered if I would ever meet "The One". Fear that I'd never fall in LOVE and experience a lifetime with my best friend by my side. Being on the other side of all those questions I know that God knows best and His plan will unfold in His perfect time, BUT those questions can still hurt and bring up doubts and insecurities.

As we face the last question on a daily basis from friend, families, co-workers and acquaintances alike it brings up a sensitive subject. 

We are fans of "how I met your Mother" and the episode where Lilly freaks out because everyone knows they are trying led us to keep mum about our baby attempts as pretty private subject for us and just plain awkward to be discussing!

Here are are 7 months into trying and we still don't have any answers to give only more questions of our own.

We look forward to the day we can tell everyone to expect an addition to our family until then - we wait, we pray and we wait some more.

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